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Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Selling your home can be one of life's most stressful events.  Known and disclosed issues can be reasoned as included in the listing price, while "surprise" issues discovered through a buyer's inspection are more likely to be renegotiated or be an easy way out of the sales contract for a buyer.

One of the easiest ways to be prepared is to have a Pre-Listing Inspection performed by MD Home Inspections.  We can provide you with information up front BEFORE the buyer discovers them post-contract.  With this information, you can best determine if there are issues you would like to correct up front or disclose them to be included in your listing price. Either way, both you and the buyer will be able to avoid surprises, headaches, uncomfortable renegotiations, or worse that can happen when the buyer hires an inspector after the sales contract is signed.

Don't be a reactive seller that crosses their fingers hoping everything will go smoothly.  Take a proactive role in your sale and call MD Home Inspections today at 313-570-1618.