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What is Radon?

Radon is a radioactive gas that you can’t see, touch, taste, or smell.  It comes from the natural breakdown of Uranium in rock, soil, and water and gets into the air we breathe.

Radon is a Group A Carcinogen as classified by the EPA and is the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer (after cigarette smoking) in the U.S. at approximately 20,000 deaths per year (EPA estimate).       

1 in 15 homes nationwide have elevated levels of Radon.  
1 in 7 homes in Michigan have elevated levels of Radon.

ALL homes have Radon.  The only way to know the level of Radon in your home is to test for it.  The Surgeon General, the EPA, and Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) recommend  that EVERY home be tested for Radon.

What if my home tests high for Radon?

If a home tests high for Radon, there is a simple mitigation system that can be installed.  It's an easy solution, but the only way to know your home's Radon level is to have the home tested. Mitigation systems cost between $800-$1,500. As home inspectors, we perform Radon testing services to help buyers account for this possible expense before the purchase. We also provide testing for home-owners that wish to know the level of Radon in their home.

Testing for Radon

MD Home Inspections uses the latest technology to test for Radon.  Radon levels fluctuate.  Our testing procedure is a continuous radon monitor, which tests over a 48 hour period.  Our testing equipment is calibrated yearly per manufacture and EPA standards and is more accurate than simpler tests marketed to home owners for a one-time use. Our inspectors have training in Radon testing protocols and data interpretation. Test data and reports include hourly readings and graphs for Radon levels, temperature, humidity, and barametric pressure, which are important for validating report results. Clients will be provided an easy to understand report, typically within an hour of the completion of the test.

MD Home Inspections performs Radon testing as a stand-alone test, or at a 20% discounted rate when included with another inspection service.  Call MD Home Inspections today to schedule your Radon test by one of our Certified Radon experts.

MD Home Inpections does NOT sell Radon mitigation systems.  We simply provide 100% independent Radon testing.

For more information on Radon, please visit the EPA and HUD Radon informational links below:
EPA Buyer's and Seller's Guide to Radon