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MD Home Physical

All homes exhibit physical depreciation over time.  Lack of proper maintenance can result in more severe depreciation which can lead to costly repairs or declining market value relative to nearby homes which have been properly maintained.  Well-maintained homes have components and systems which last longer before needing replacement or upgrades, saving you money and preserving your home's value.

MD Home Inspections offers a periodic MD Home Physical inspection for homeowners interested in protecting their investments through regular maintenance and upkeep.  This discounted consultation program is offered to all clients after their first full-scope inspection from MD Home Inspections when ordered within 36 months of our most recent inspection or Home Physical.  As we are already familiar with your home's condition and systems, we are prepared to diagnose significant changes since our prior inspection and give you information and advice on maintaining your home proactively, instead of waiting for components and systems to deteriorate or fail and need replacement.  Your inspector will provide you with an easy to understand report detailing items which need immediate attention, items that need monitoring, and specific tips on extending the useful life of various components in your home.